The Masjid and Our Future – Yusuf Chambers

2015.05.14 yusuf chambers - the masjid and our future

Masjids are places of worship for Muslim people. They are in the center of Muslim people’s lives and they are generally in the core places of the cities. Having a great importance and meaning for the Islamic culture, masjids keep influencing the daily life and culture to a great extent. In his speech named “Masjid and Our Future”, Yusuf Chambers focused on the relevant aspects of masjid. How we should understand those places and how we should shape the appropriate form of their physical presence were among the topics that Chambers spoke of. Although, current situation of masjids is not any close to what ought to be, there is still a possibility for getting better for not only the masjids themselves, but also for the living standards of Muslim people and the city life.